Habitat Networks

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National mapping of priority habitats, capturing patches typically greater than 2ha. Zones to target action for the protection, enhancement, creation and connection of priority habitats underpin the planning and delivery of nature recovery at the landscape-scale and across authority boundaries. As such, it forms a key component of the data underpinning the future Local Nature Recovery Strategy.

Living England mapping provides full national coverage to inform emerging national nature network mapping. Based on remote sensing, the current dataset holds some anomalies in habitat type allocation.  To compare and contrast with Priority Habitat Inventory (PHI) data (see ‘Priority Habitat Network’) provides greater understanding of the habitat mosaic, and at finer resolution.  For example:

  1. Living England data shows the habitat diversity and complexity in the Black Mountains, namely
    bracken, fen marsh swamp and bog. PHI reveals that this area also supports important upland
  2. Together with the PHI, this data shows the presence and composition of open areas between
    coniferous and deciduous woodland areas at Mortimer Forest (that collectively make up 11% of
    the forest) and informs opportunities to enhance these for the benefit of invertebrates and

Current work by Natural England to update the methodology and improve change detection is anticipated to be published in 2023/2024, at which time, the mapping is anticipated to offer greater value to future evidence updates.


Priority Habitat Network

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Natural England Living England Mapping

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