Quality and Value

Following the audit of local provision, open space standards for quantity, accessibility, and quality and value were proposed.

The application of proposed standards provides a picture of how current open space provision stands, and where enhancements could be made.

The performance of the whole county in terms of quantity of open space was assessed against the quantity standards. More localised analysis was undertaken for each of the localities.

Separate analysis has been undertaken on the quantity of equipped play

The audit form results for open spaces were compared to the relevant quality and value benchmarks (according to typology and size hierarchy) and categorised as either:

  • Higher quality and higher value;
  • Higher quality and lower value;
  • Lower quality and higher value; and
  • Lower quality and lower value.


The interactive map below will help you to explore the quality and value of Open Space assets in Herefordshire. To find out more information on the results of this analysis, click here to view Chapter 7 of the report.

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